Saturday, August 29, 2015

We Make the Road By Walking

Last week in worship, I used the sermon as a chance to introduce the new worship and spiritual formation journey our church will be on together this year. We will be taking our worship texts and reading together from Brian McLaren's book We Make the Road by Walking over the course of the next 52 weeks. Here is an excerpt from last Sunday's sermon that tells you a little about this adventure:

Deep down, we are all seeking aliveness. We are hungering for that deeper life, something beyond daily survival, something that makes our hearts burn within us, something that feeds us on a deeper level. Jesus desires this aliveness for us with a passion and longs for us to join him on the journey. Over the coming 52 weeks we are going to endeavor to do just that in an intentional way.  From now through next August, our worship texts will be taken from the texts suggested at the beginning of each of the chapters in this book. This will guide us through the story of scripture in four arcs—Alive in the Story of Creation, Alive in the Adventure of Jesus, Alive in a Global Uprising, and Alive in the Spirit of God. We will hear the story of scripture afresh and ask what implications it has for leading us into deeper life. Then, during the week that follows worship, you will be encouraged to read the corresponding chapter in the book. The church is providing a free copy for each household in hopes that you'll do your best to participate. I know our lives are busy, but the chapters are short, 4-5 pages each that can be read in about 10 minutes, with some reflection questions you might engage individually or as a family—there are even questions for kids. We also want to provide chances for you to reflect as a community, both through the internet on a weekly basis—we hope to set up something on our blog or other online forum—and on a monthly basis through gathering with others around a meal to talk about what you are learning. Chances to sign up for these will come in September. 

Tomorrow we begin this journey by taking a look at the first chapter, which focuses primarily on Genesis 1:1-2:3. Early each week on the blog some questions and ideas for reflection on that week's chapter will be posted. I hope you'll not just read the blog, but actually respond in the comments section below so perhaps we can get some dialogue going during the week about what we are reading and reflecting on. Let's make the road by walking together!

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