Thursday, February 2, 2017

I Am the Good Shepherd

As we continue our worship journey through the seven I Am sayings in the Gospel of John, we come to perhaps the most familiar (or at least the most popularly depicted): "I am the Good Shepherd."

I wanted to share some of the 10 million ways Jesus the Good Shepherd has been depicted in art. Look at these images along with John 10:11-18, our text for this week. Which ones do you think reflect the text most closely? Which ones speak most to you?

Some of the most ancient depictions of Jesus the Good Shepherd, from catacombs in the 3rd-4th century:

Some of the more classical (some might say sentimental) depictions of Jesus as Good Shepherd. Did any of these hang on the wall of your church or make their way into a stained glass window near you growing up?

A few modern interpretations from around the world (Cameroon, Latin America, Germany, India)