Sunday, August 2, 2015

Photos from our kids

Today in our children's sermon time we talked about the power of pictures. If you were to share a picture that showed something you love or something important about our church, I asked the kids, what would you snap a photo of?

Then I turned my phone over to the kids (crazy, I know) and here's what we got:

Maggie took a picture of the Christ candle we light to begin worship reminding us that Jesus is with us.

Charles took a picture of the cross at the center of our worship space.

Claire took advantage of the panorama function so she could include all of us present in one one left out!

James, Sophia and Solly took a picture of the butterfly our kids made in Music and Arts camp.

They also wanted to include a picture of the new "welcome space" created for people to rest and reflect outside of our church.

What snapshots would you use to share what you feel is important--about faith or your faith community? It is fun to think about and I am grateful to our kids for leading the way!

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Jeremy said...

Well said, Abby. In your sermon, you really summed up how many folks of my generation (GenX?) feel about making and maintaining meaningful connections...and probably earlier generations, too! It just flies in the face of much of current practice, most of which seems to dehumanize us by how all these pseudo-connections actually disconnect us. Much the same whether it's ink or pixels. The same happens to many as the try to practice/live the faith that we hear in their churches. Just another reason I'm so glad to know that my church here and my church "there" (you all) continue to make showing love an embodied, lived thing, an action in truth.