Monday, January 27, 2020

Reflection and resources on Affordable Housing

This Epiphany, we are spending six Sundays looking at the six areas of focus of ACT (Anne Arundel Connecting Together) in light of our faith and scripture. Each week I will be lifting up resources to help you reflect and learn more about these areas where we as Christians are called to care for our neighbors in practical, loving ways.

For this week, here are some resources to help you reflect on our Christian response to Safe and Affordable Housing:

First, some graphics showing if people in our county/area working in different professions could afford to either rent or put a 3% or 10% down payment on an average apartment/home based on their annual income (courtesy of

To learn more, pursue some of these ways to educate yourself:

 Finally, take time to listen again (or for the first time, if you were not in worship Sunday) to Rich Mullins' powerful song about Jesus' life with insecure housing, You Did Not Have a Home, by following this link or watching the video below.

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