Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Letter to the Church at Rome

Fun facts about Paul's letter to the Church at Rome:

1) It's the longest letter.
2) It's the only biblical letter Paul wrote to people he had not met.
3) Did I mention it's long?

I would encourage you, if you are brave of heart, to read all of Romans this week. But, as you'll see from the map below, it's a LOT to take in:

I have no idea how we're going to do all of Romans in one sermon. But, at this point in the week, I have a strong feeling I'll be focusing on the second panel of this graphic: chapters 5-8, which I really think is the heart not just of this letter, but of Paul's theology. SO if you only get to read one part, read chapters 5-8.

Then, check out not one but TWO Bible Project videos on Romans. Go to the blog to view them if you are receiving this by email. They are VERY helpful in navigating what has probably been one of the most important writings in all of Christian thought. So, challenging or not, we're off to Rome! See you Sunday!

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