Monday, September 7, 2015

WMTRBW Week 2: Being Human

Yesterday in worship we talked about labor--how Genesis 2:4-25 (read it!) gives us a glimpse into God as laborer and into the sort of labor to which we are called as human beings. I love the quote from this week's chapter of We Make the Road by Walking, "Being Human," that was on the front of the bulletin yesterday, seen in the picture at right. It gets me thinking, on this Labor Day--how are we being alive and being human in the work which we perform in this world? How are we joining in God's creative, healing work?

Consider some of these questions to help you reflect on whatever work you do:
  • What work (either paid or unpaid) is part of your human labor?
  • Where do you find this work to be life-giving? Where do you feel creative and alive in your work? How can you do more of these things?
  • Where do you feel isolated, or like your work is “not good”? What kind of help might you need for your work to feel more connected to God, others or creation as a whole?
Jot down some responses on a sheet of paper, or post them in the comments section below. Let's continue to consider, as our chapter this week challenges us (read it!), how we can use our hands for good in this world (the children's question at the end of the chapter is particularly good: What is something kind and creative you can do with your hands? What is something mean or harmful you can do with your hands? How can the same hands do both kind and mean things?).

Read the scriptures, read the chapter, and let's talk about it in person and here on the blog!

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