Monday, March 16, 2015

Lent Day 23

BOOK II - The Words of Private Instruction

46 A prophecy about coming ages and the conclusion of temporal creation
47 Concerning the exact time of the end
48 The parable of holy watchfulness in anticipating the Kingdom
49 The description of the final judgment
50 His farewell before crucifixion

Reflect: Remember what Phyllis Tickle said about this collection of 50 sayings: that she believes Jesus "is most self-revelatory and open to us in Book Two in His words of private instruction, or so it seems to me. Talking there with those whom He has chosen and who are to carry forth His Good News after His Ascension, He has great need to reveal who and what and why He is in human form." How would you answer these questions after reading this book: Who is Jesus in human form? Why is Jesus in human form? What is Jesus about in human form?

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