Thursday, May 22, 2014

Media Connections for Sixth Sunday in Eastertide

Our texts for this Sixth Sunday in Eastertide are Acts 17:22-34 and John 14:15-21, which you can read here.

In this week's texts, as I thought about the nature of the Holy Spirit, here is the one phrase that really captured my attention:

This is the Spirit of truth."-John 14:17

Truth. Yikes. Now THERE's a concept that can inspire some debate. What is truth, anyway?

To help you start mulling over this, consider some of the quotes and images below. Since motivational quotes and posters are pretty ubiquitous these days, a lot of different thoughts and statements on truth were not hard to find:

(NOTE: Just because I post something on here does not mean I agree with it...these are all things to get us thinking and stimulate conversation!)

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