Thursday, April 10, 2014

Media Connections for Palm Sunday

Our texts for this Palm/Passion Sunday are Matthew 21:1-11 and Matthew 27:11-54, which you can read here. The media connections below focus on the first text, of the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

My absolute favorite Palm Sunday song, which Jeremy sang for us in worship a few years back, is Andrew Peterson's Hosanna. "Hosanna" is not just a word of praise; it is a cry that means, "Save us!" From what do we need to be saved? Consider that as you listen to the song below. I hear "Hosanna" totally differently after hearing this song.

I have a poster of the print below that I hope to display somewhere in worship on Sunday (someone please remind me to do this!). It is “Guatemala: Procession” by Betty LaDuke. I love how often this story has been envisioned across different cultures in vibrant, varied ways.

Beyond art, reflect on reality. Look at these images of modern Christians around the world celebrating Palm Sunday in their context. Why do you think this story has connected with so many? What looks common among the various ways groups retell this story? What looks different?

In Ivory Coast, West Africa:
 In Jerusalem:
 In Krakow, Poland
 In Pakistan:
 In El Salvador:
 In Paris:
 In Spain:
 In the Republic of Georgia:

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