Thursday, July 12, 2012

This Week's Preachers

This week, I (Abby) will not be preaching--at least, I will not be preaching alone.

This Sunday morning, the scripture will be shared with us and interpreted by a group of 30 or so amazing kids who have been participating in our Music and Arts Camp this week.  They have spent the week learning songs, scripts, and stories that they can share with you on Sunday morning to convey what we have learned about a very important topic--what it means to live out God's Shalom.

What is Shalom, you ask?  At its most basic, it is the ancient Hebrew word for "peace."  But the layers of meaning underneath this word are rich and complex:  to speak of the "shalom" God desires for God's people and God's world is not just to speak of an absence of war, or silence, or no yelling (though, of course, it can include all of these things!).  Shalom means "completeness," "well-being," "wholeness"--in scripture, it describes not a static state but a process, a movement towards wholeness.

So how do we live in shalom and live out God's Shalom?  This week, we have thought about Shalom as Seeking Justice, Having Mercy, Being A Blessing, Loving Kindness, Offering Forgiveness, and Making Peace.  I hope you'll be with us on Sunday as our kids share how these ideas converge to give us a beautiful picture of God's Shalom, a picture and a story we can live into and be part of today.  Until then, may these pictures from our week give you a sense of the great shalom we have come to know in the midst of the noise, chaos, and most of all fun of this week!

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