Monday, November 5, 2007

Scripture for Sunday Nov. 11

Hi All,

Thank you for coming to the blog and being part of what I hope will be an ongoing conversation that will help shape our Sunday worship.

For Nov. 11, 2007 the scriptures are Job 19: 23-27a and Luke 20: 27-38.

Please ask yourself these questions:
  1. What does this scripture tell me about the nature of God?
  2. What does it tell me about the human condition and our need?
  3. In what way is this story My story?
  4. What does this scripture call me to do or be?

I look forward to the questions and comments that will help me as I prepare Sundays sermon and that will cause us all to think about the scripture that will guide our worship experience.



1 comment:

Jeremy said...

This is a comment for last week's sermon on Zaccheus: I must say that I enjoyed your inclusion of ethnographic viewpoints and cultural meaning. I know that such a thing is time-consuming to research and hard to put into words, but it was done wonderfully and thoughtfully (as was the rest of the sermon).