Monday, September 21, 2015

WMTRBW Week 4: The Drama of Desire

Some quotes and ideas that stood out to me from this week's chapter in We Make the Road by Walking, and from reading the primary texts of Genesis 3:1-13 and Philippians 2:3-11:

  • "We humans have consistently chosen the wrong tree" (p. 15)--why do we keep living the same destructive patterns over and over again when such better, life-giving choices are available to us? This baffles me even as I watch myself do it again and again, sometimes in big ways but far more often in an accumulating pile of small ways that, though unnoticed choices at the time, make a huge difference.
  • "[Jesus'] constant invitation—“ Follow me”— could also be expressed as “Imitate me.”" (p. 18) To me "Imitate me" sounds so much more active than "follow me." We can follow someone passively, just watching and listening and trailing along behind. But imitation engages our whole body, mind and spirit--it means a transformation of all that we are. I think this is such a better--yet more terrifying--word to describe what being a disciple of Jesus is all about. What if we thought not just of following Jesus' ways, but imitating them?

  • These are the two ideas that most captured me out of this week's reading. What captured you? Share your thoughts below, and sign up to be part of one of our learning circles starting soon where we can discuss these ideas? If you haven't done so yet, fill out a pink sheet at church telling us the best times for you to meet with others for a meal and conversation.

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