Monday, September 14, 2015

WMTRBW Week 3: A World of Meaning

As I read this week's scripture passages (especially John 1:1-18) and chapter three, "A World of Meaning," from We Make the Road by Walking, I was most intrigued by this idea of the fact that we all live our lives by a sort of logic, whether we recognize it or not. McLaren named four different logics that he sees as the most common options:

1. The Logic of Rivalry or Competition: Life is a battle, and only the strongest survive. Those around us are our competitors who we had better beat out if we're going to get anywhere. Do whatever you have to do to get ahead and make it.

2. The Logic of Compliance: Some people hold all the power, and the rest of us are just cogs in this wheel. Keep your head down, know your place, don't take too many risks, don't rock the boat and you'll make it just fine.

3. The Logic of the Machine: Actions cause reactions, and everything proceeds by set patterns. Get to know the machine so you can get the most out of it, but in the end there's no deeper meaning behind it all--just figure out how to play the system and make your way through.

4. The Logic of the Logos (that is, Jesus--the Word made Flesh): Sure, sometimes life functions like a competition, or by a rule-abiding system, or like a machine; but there's something much deeper beneath it all that gives life its true shape and meaning. That is the deeper creativity, aliveness, healing, compassion, and grace we see in the life of Jesus, which has been giving life to the world from the beginning.

What logic are you most inclined to live by? Which do you see most of the world abiding by?

Personally, I can't think of a time that I've lived by logic of the machine, though I'm sure there's been a time. But I can certainly remember reactive moments or seasons of life where I've lived by the logics of rivalry and compliance, as if this is what life is all about. Can you think of stories or instances where you have lived by these different logics, and what the impacts would be? How would our world function differently if we lived by the logic of option 4?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on this chapter--let's get a conversation started in the comments section below!

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