Friday, September 5, 2014

Speaking Christian

This month, we will be spending time together with some of the "big words" of the Christian faith, engaging both these words in scripture and Marcus Borg's interpretations of them in his book Speaking Christian. This week, we will begin with "salvation"--certainly one of the biggest words of faith! In advance of Sunday, I would invite you to read our key text for this week--Exodus 14:10-31. Here's my question: If this was the only passage you had to teach you what salvation was, how would you define it? Post your comments below, if you dare, and we will get the conversation started!

In addition, during the week after the sermon each day I will post a different quote about that week's key word. I encourage you to sit with the quotes and post responses to them--do you agree? Disagree? How do they challenge your understanding of the week's word?

I am looking forward to this challenging journey on which we are embarking! Join us on Sundays and Tuesday nights this month to engage the conversation in person.

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