Monday, July 10, 2017

Letters to the Church: Corinth, Revisited

This week we head back to the ancient city of Corinth to look for connections between their community's struggles and life in faith and ours today. A lot has changed since the first letter we read from Paul to them, so there are lots of new things for us to learn. I hope you'll take time to read 2 Corinthians this week. If you start today, here's a plan:

Monday: Ch. 1-2
Tuesday: Ch. 3-4
Wednesday: Ch. 5-7
Thursday: Ch. 8-9
Friday: Ch. 10-11
Saturday: Ch. 12-13

Check out the video below (go to blog site if you receive this by email) to get a broad overview of the book, then check out the whole picture by looking at the "map" by the Bible Project at the top of this page. What things do you already see that you think our community needs to hear today? Get those wheels turning and we'll talk about it on Sunday!

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