Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Letters to the Church: Galatia

Our second letter as we continue our series of seeking to understand how letters addressed to early church communities speak to the things we face as a community today is Galatians. It's only 6 chapters, so I hope you'll read the whole thing over this week (2 chapters today and one each day that follows and you'll be there! It's even better if you read it through in one sitting, but I am a realistic woman:)). Here's a link to an online text: Read Galatians Here.

Before or after you read it, take 9 minutes to watch the great video below from The Bible Project. You can also follow this link to view it on YouTube.

Here's our Bible Project "map" of the book, which will also be in the bulletin Sunday.

As you read, look, and listen...what connections do you see between this church and ours? Come ready to share your insights during the sermon on Sunday!

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