Monday, December 21, 2015

WMTRBW - Chapter 17: Surprising People

In Chapter 17, we focus on the genealogy of Jesus, from the gospels of Matthew and Luke. If you are like me, you may find comfort in knowing Jesus' ancestor list is full of flawed people, as are many characters of the Bible. Matthew's version also includes pivotal, yet flawed, women in Jesus' lineage. Similarly, in Luke 2:8-20, we are reminded of how God gave the lowly shepherds special access and viewing to our beautiful baby Jesus! Our God is an awesome God! He cares for the lowly and also for the poor.

I can relate to being flawed. Can you? It excites and motivates me to know God uses imperfect people to fulfill His great plan. No matter how many mistakes we may have made, He is eager to use us as well! This is surprising, exciting, and yet terrifying to me! What a honor it is to partner with God in fulfilling His will! What a beautiful gift, indeed! 

And knowing God holds a very special place for the poor, our care and concern for the poor might just be how we can also be key partners in the history of fulfilling God's will! All glory to our Father in heaven!

As we prepare for Christmas this week, take special care to consider if you are partnering with God in your everyday life as part of your calling. Are you reaching the poor? Are you serving in some manner? We want to examine how to better ourselves spiritually to bring all glory to God. And we want to be serving Him all year round, not just during the Christmas season when our hearts may be feeling more generous than usual.

This week: look for surprising people to whom you can show uncommon respect and unexpected kindness.

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